Need Answers?

From understanding our services, to pricing details, and what to anticipate during the process, we’re here to make your experience with our demolition solutions smooth and stress-free.

Q. What services does DAK Demolition offer?

A.Industrial Demolition, Surface Mining Support Operations, Onsite Recycling and Processing, Dismantling, Decommissioning, and Asset Relocation.

Q. Are your demolition methods environmentally friendly?

A.DAK prioritizes environmentally conscious procedures into every operation and performs an extensive discovery report for all construction and demolition waste prior to every project.

Q. What industries do you serve?

A.Surface Mining, Heavy Industrial, Oil & Gas, Commercial and Multifamily.

Q. What is your experience in mining decommissioning and cleanup?

A.DAK has over 30 years of experience in surface mining operations, decommissioning, equipment dismantling, asset relocation, and land reclamation.

Q. Do you remove OTR tires and belting?

A.Yes.  DAK has the unique ability to process OTR tires on site with mobile shears used industrial metal recycling. Once they have been processed down in size, we have multiple options much like traditional tires. DAK also has a belt winder that will accept up to 72” wide belts.

Q. How do I request a quote for my demolition project?

A.Please send a brief description of the project and contact information to info@dakdemolition

Q. What factors affect the cost of a demolition project?

A.Project scope, location, elevation, hazardous material abatement and/or removal, and C&D waste (metal, concrete, rubber tires, belting, glass, etc.).

Q. Do I need a permit for my demolition project?

A.Depending on the location, type, and scope of your project it is very likely you do.

Q. Will you handle the debris removal after demolition?

A.DAK utilizes it’s 3 generations of recycling knowledge and experience to maximize the environmental impact of debris for your project. We will ensure all debris is removed and provide “cradle to grave” visibility at your request.

Q.What types of buildings and structures can you demolish?

A.Surface mining facilities, industrial manufacturing and processing facilities, warehouses, multifamily, bridges, oil & gas facilities.

Q.How do you determine the best demolition method for a project?

A.Size, elevation, proximity to other structures or people, structural material, duration, budget.

Q.Do you offer partial or selective demolition services?

A.Yes. We are experienced in selective demolition and understand that in many instances the customer cannot shut down plant operations. We have extensive experience in working with the onsite operations team to complete these projects safe and in a timely manner.

Q.What equipment do you use for demolition projects?

A.Excavators with metal shear attachments, concrete pulverizes and hammers, long reach booms, dust control machines, industrial magnets, demolition grapples, welders, and torches.